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The Sleep Of Reason
VM (06/25/1982 / )

The Sleep Of Reason

Poem By Vaun Moore

It has been so long since I've watched you sleeping;
Watched the blue night descend on your body like a thick blanket.
Sometimes, your hair would cast itself like a net,
Snaring your face in fragile, moth-like tendrils.
Othertimes, your mouth would split open like overripe plums
Spilling their flesh on hot, black earth
Shattering the pregnant silence,
And beckoning the dawn.

I watch you in that silence of mine
That you know so well
Envying you
Your vulnerability,
Your abandon,
Your humanness-

Outside the window,
A Don Quixote dawn gallops mercilessly
Along the eastern edges of sky,
And you,
Like the night,
Slowly recede into memory.

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