(18 August 1920 – 21 October 2002 / Lumding, Assam / India)

You Are Who You Surround Yourself

definitely indeed you are
and that is why i had a better success rate
when around my people
though over here i see my people
here and there from time to time
we exchange information and keep going
as each one of us has our own mission
i do interact with black people or white people
as they are all the same with slavery psychologies
they depend on colorism and sexualities as a way of life
their intellectual being is lower than standard
as they behave more childish than ever
no matter if they on the top prime of their times
as the words in a legal document can be changed not by itself
as ink do not sprout legs and arms with fingers and toes and a brain
so we are pass the stupidity
and in a society where liberal arts rule the mind of the masses
without no logic at all
and you see where they world is headed right?
and see that is why you have societies to preserve themselves and generations
from getting caught up in the mess
although they help create and further the problem
yet they are becoming more and more of the owners
and less of the employees of the entire business
would i do the same?
i would go elsewhere where it is still sovereign among my Roots of people
and see instaneously you become an enemy of them onsite
due to ignorance they cannot let go
and their pride in the falsehood of superiority
which they speak for no-one else
and never will
because if i say you do not speak over me and for me
then you already have recognized my people by the ten thousands and hundreds of thousands by degrees of comms

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