The Sliding Glimpser

Poem By Erik Larson

I am a sliding glimpser
when i have nothing to note
no songs to sing
and nothing catching in my throat
am a sliding glimpser
you see
a glimpse is only a momentary opening
a faint vision
like a step ladder that beckons you upward
into the light of day
a sliding glimpser, as i am
follows the impulse to it's very bitter and splashing end
for thought and food for song and fodder and meat
that I bite into for the remainder of the impulse
so as I dance with the faint echoes,
the distant lights of poetic fantasia
elysian rays of blissful states of static unmoving realizing without effort

(that you can change the world, one poem at a time)

and the lines be traced seeming dull paint and lines being woven
woven by caring mothers caressing distilled waters of womb=soul
and daring
without a payment bill debt loss gain relative to the fact that if i devoted
every second and hour and minute and erg of my being to the One
I could not give anything new

in this corresponding melting pot of ideas and trancelike static euphoria of
saying something
I talk a whole lot less
and feel a whole lot more
and lost a sense of the dream-like quality of it all
and gained a peace
a Truth and a Love ethereal solid

casually extravagant

naturally elegant inherited not just as it were an old painting a relative created.
but a wide sky blue horizontal vertical dimension of dazzle.
A vibrant renewable resource like
a well full of creative water-energy
welling up from the depths of your Being and making
funny faces at me
so i think
I must write
I must sing
I must paint
for there is nought for me in this life
If I remain silent, as
a man fat on media
overwhelmed with imagery and no thought about pouring it all out and down the drain
of everyone elses
Is there something to say?
Yes, there's an abun-dance of words
a flight of ideas and a theme running with legs unbounded
throught it all

Comments about The Sliding Glimpser

Well, I get the general gist of this. I must read it through a few more times because the first time I was a 'glimpser' and may have missed a lot. And there IS a lot. I felt you threw in some unusual phrases which didn't belong. Maybe I'm wrong. A second and third reading will decide. Love, Fran xx

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