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The Slushy Fate Of Cheese With The Mantis
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The Slushy Fate Of Cheese With The Mantis

The cheese undressed from its packaging
it felt oh so bare and tawdry but hoped
some saviour might run run run dash
the cheese excited the mantis
showing its exposed shiny bulk

continually stripping the
suffocating red wax every pore
of cheese breathed anew and let
the air in- light shone on its rind
so the mantis was overcome with fear
but alas the greed did not cave in

the cheese smothered the mantis
drowning in its own succulence

the mantis savoured the succulence
and went into a melted fantasy

snowballed the fruit into yellow
hole skies, dangling off the moon

and the mantis prayed
as the cheese took away the problems there had been
and all that was left
was the mantis and the cheese
as one
Glory glory mantis one
with cheese what an
unlikely match!

Written by goats cheese & Michael Witkowski

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Reply to Gazz. Writing about cheese and shit? Dont you know that they are not to be produced in polite company rolled in your pocket handkerchief...OH YEAH AND THEY BOTH BLOODY STINK. Sid....
The alpha male cheese powerful and strong...What perception..I could only dream of producing something comparable IF I were to lead a chemical induced anschluss on the inner sensory receptors of the great 'Jack'.reaches of my mind...'Open Sezzmee.' Sid.
you know i don't know if it is meant to be this way...but there is definately symbolism and deeper meaning in this poem than just cheese...those who are bashing it, maybe don't have the insight to see it.
It's cool that you write about cheese. If that's what you like to write about then go for it, don't listen to what other people think. But if you really are making fun of poetry then don't know. :) lol
He writes about cheese! and shit! ! how the hell can he be top of the list in the UK? whats so interesting about cheese! and shit! : O I will now die a very unhappy chappy.
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