The Smart Cute Lady

When the moon was in heavens,
I visited her house.
It was not for her but for the lady's sister's invitation,
That brought three of us to their little home.

Only few words of chit-chat,
And today we are bosom friends.
Friends, such that who can't be left apart.
That's make a bond between us..

She is of medium height of around five,
With her locks scattered on her face.
She is never joyful
But always happy.

When she laughs, it seems that the whole world is happy,
She smiles but it seems me a pretention.
I know not what pretention it might be,
But could guess of some root like griefs in her.

She is too selfish to share her feelings,
But I act like her heart's mirror.
I pray god to releive thy from all worldly pains,
And make thy fly like a free bird.

She is neither an expanse of snow in mountains nor like the Indian traditional 'Koel' but a mixture of two's,
A mixture, such, which makes her never pretty but always beautiful.

She is somehow stylish but never proudy,
She, somehow from the worldly bars, wants to be free.
On the tip of her nose rests Angriness,
Which sometimes engulfs her reasons and emotions.

'But she never forgets waht she is',
She is ever self controller.
It is the love in her heart,
Which is expressed in angriness for others.

I, truely, get lost into her charming eyes
Eyes filled with emotions and love for others.
And I, in my airy gesture say 'You are too beautiful',
But she could never understand my heart's call.

I start my day talking with her from my wireless,
And end too with that.
I never had asked her how much she likes me,
But she could never bear the pain of seperation, and me too that.

She likes me, I know not how much,
But my likeness for her is immortal! ! !
Likeness has no eyes but only heart,
Which understands and feels the feelings between two and makes a bond.

Our bond is made by just a gust of wind and might vanish just like, which I fear,
But a soft corner in my heart will always remember her and cry for her.
The piece written will make remember the earthly clays about her and our strongest bond,
For my self I don't need any such pieces.

If a few words can tie us in a bond,
Why can't the human claysexchange words with each other,
And get tied in a bond,
And bring an end to the worldly wars in the name of customs, traditions, relegion and much more! ! ! ! ! !

by Manish Kumar Majumdar

Comments (2)

now i cud realise 4 whom this poem was! ! !
A fabulous poetic story, you have a nice poetic pictorial of the smart cute lady...Nice chit-chat you had....10+++