The Smellpotpig

Dedicated to Suzy (He didn't eat her)

Its abode was the linen cupboard, in the corner of our room
A lesser known creature, nocturnal and vile
Its rank odour alone a harbinger of doom
and going to bed was an arduous trial

The lights would dim, the creaks would start
A whisper from the other bed, 'was that you? '
eyes open wide, trying to see into the dark
too scared to breathe, sensing trouble brew

Its scaly mass, its piggy eyes
and claws like cartoon talons
shuddering in its awful disguise
oh, please keep the light on

A childhood nemesis, so much to fear
I want my mother, I so miss her
keeping very still, surely he won't hear?
Fingers crossed, he'll get my sister!

by Jazzy Davies

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I love the last line!