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The Smile Of Loving
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

The Smile Of Loving

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Yesterday came and went along with our love so true.
Today I long to hold and learn what our love means to you.
Years will dawn and little may be said,
Unless we ask now, what if and when.

The smile of Loving is hard to do,
But as always we make it through.
The hardest of all that test our strength,
Brings us all the more closer no matter the distance at stake.
The Smile of Loving is your heart and mine.
Finding that middle ground, even when life lets us down.

Anger, hurt, crying with shame.
They all mix with love,
They all hurt the same.

Yet with your smile,
And with mine to share,
The smile of Loving lets us hope that our love will always be there.

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