I Am The One

In a dream this morning
Words was going through my head
Sounding like a familiar voice
And this is what He said

I am the lion
And I am the lamb
I am the wind
That blows accross the sand

I am the one
Who hung upon the cross
I have many powers
Though I seem like a ghost

I am the one
You pray to each night
And the one you see
When there's a glowing light

I am the one
Who will help your heart to mend
And I'll always be right there
To always be your friend

I am the one
Who gave up my only son
And I'll still be there
When your days are done

I am the one
I am the way
So you must let me in
your heart to stay

wrote 1/11/2008 by Norman Hale Jr.

by norman hale

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