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The Sneak Of Curiosity *

The sneak of curiosity I do truly love,
slip sheets all around me as a satin glove.

To unveil one must take sheets off with care,
in the nude it is allowed to deliciously share...

Flexible positions perfumed in air of graces,
touches of angels, creamed in residue traces

When sheets dropp to the ground with grace
a touch of rouge paints a new face.

Reminiscent of pink flamingo stance on lake,
as hottest of African spaces, cast in sun bake

You shall dance in pink dress on our Memory Lake
till the sun sends you warmth, we unfold and awake,

turbulence in splendour on times abridged as one
when sure footed on sandy bottoms always meant fun.

I sooo love sand on bums as it pleases my eyes,
never mind if it grates, it's a matter of size...

the size of the question or the shape of the cheese
you digress as usual.. heaven forbid and please! ! ! !

May I lecture on cheese, it's a job so precise
all our questions are huge, liquid whey in disguise.

A tutorial in gouda holes maybe cheddar, or feta?
In New Zealand we’ve a crawly insect called weta.

Well, my dear, may I tell that all Gouda is air,
I prefer cheese from Limburg and you ought to compare!

Compear? Apples from oranges? Well I do all the time
Granny or Valencia, the best of juices, a splash of lime,

I like apples for twins and sweet oranges too
and all juices may drip into one lonesome shoe.

I pick all my own fruits (I love dangling in trees)
then peel and squeeze juices natural.. a breeze

May I taste of your fruits, whether whole or as juice?
I'll go back to my cabin as a friendly recluse.

Sometimes I get creative and crystallise as candy,
You.. recluse? How bout curious and bloody randy.

Let us wrap for today and get busy with food,
as gourmands we shall pick just to get in the mood.

You remembered the tasty burritos with greens
touch of garlic and chillies for the Mexican beanz?

Here, my love grab the taco, see the pepper sauce ooze?
I'll be doing the dishes and you serve us the booze.

I shall light your pink candle, it smells utterly nice
while you dust some curcumin it's the queen of all spice.

Shut the drapes, take the phone off the hook for the night
tell me dear will we need that big chandelier light?

In the morning you sleep and I make omelette from eggs
then I tickle your feet and your beautiful legs.

But next weekend it's me who will snooze until nine
don't get up to the kitchen, let's postpone Rise and Shine.

*A Ping Pong Rebuttal Poem

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I fully agree with Fiona (below) and add that I am proud to be friends with both of you. I say you are an example for the younger poets here as well.Instead of bickering you work together and produce wonderful results. SHExx
You two are quite simply the most wonderful writers...and this is no exception....beautiful poetry...breathtaking...Fi 10+++++++