The Snow

Poem By Craig Saunders

Its snowing again,
but the sun shines outside,
the memories surround me,
they captured me,
they bound me.

I serve them not but they hurt me,
like a knife to the heart,
like a torch to the soul,
like my body was set ablaze,
and i was left to die alone,
as i knew i would.

The cold loneliness chills me,
slowly it kills me,
dying painfully from the inside out,
from the soul to the body,
I feel the pain.

No matter the weather outside,
the rain may pour,
but the curse within my heart still burns fiercely,
and the sun will keep shining,
but within my heart,
it always snows.

Comments about The Snow

Very well written poem, it conveys very honest emotion throughout. Thanks Craig. Now why the person below thinks it is her job to lecture you on how best to deal with life, is beyond understanding and totally uncalled for. Not your own phoney sunshine out the arse style Josie? Too bad for you.
Ah - I thought this would be a nice poem about the world of nature. You turned it inwards at yourself in a depressing way and really spoilt what could have been so enjoyable. Better to look outwards than inwards because in times of trouble this really helps you through it.

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