Step Daughter

My precious step Daughter
How I wish the path to you was shorter
I moved a distance away
But my love for you will always stay

A better friend I can not find
You are ever respectful and kind
You have a golden glorious heart
Some are trying their best to break us apart
Their poisonous words does not succumb you to fold
As our bond is meant to hold

You and I are much the same
As others plays us like a game
At least in each other there is joy to be found
Always an encouraging voice sweet and sound

One word of advise
When in need for comfort, do not think twice
Pick up the phone
And remember you are never alone

You always think your sobs to me are tiring
But speaking about heart ache is very admiring
Even after all these years
Your sadness still brings me to tears

Our crossing paths were no mistake
And a promise to you I did make
I have said this a million times before
This you should never forget or ignore
My promise to you I will not break

I will be there for you until eternity
I will love you till infinity
And again I'll stay in my heart
My precious step Daughter, gorgeous and smart

by Zia Eybers

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Narration of heavy snow fall and snow flakes descending in the form of fairies on earth in great hurry is amazing. The condition of heaps of snow by night and the description, By night they stealthily had stolen away is simply superb imagery. Thanks for sharing.
My word, this was luscious. I am finding so many new poets on this site to settle down with and read on a cold winter evening with the fire snapping and popping and I am sipping a cup of hot chocolate.
This is a wonderful poem. I had not heard of Claude McKay before, but I will have to read more of his poems.
You went with Dawn. You left me ere the day, The lonely actor of a dreamy play.
I love this poem by Claude mckay
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