The Snowflake And The Candle

Candles sizzle and pop
In an angry and desperate struggle.

Each snowflake fights and leans
To avoid the searing heat.

Until the two should collide
in one last desperate battle.

The candle anchored to its moorings
With only a wick to do its bidding.

The snowflakes path of freedom
form sea to sky to its chilly plunge.

The snowflakes gentle fall last lifted
By the hot and raising winds of fate.

One last hopeful tumble follows
Ten thousand feet of thoughtless dancing.

Then crackle or pop
As well as it may suite you.

And in that one instance along
fire turns to smoke or snowflake to water.

Without regard to all the history of the world
Only this one moment matters.

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by Cordell Rich

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Comments (7)

Very good. Read mine - Senergy - Adeline
I gave you a ten for your portrayal of the battle of the elements.Everything in nature is a struggle and yet everything sdurvives with some sense of unity in the opposites.You have a very strong freeform writing style.
Very fine. I love the images of cold and heat balanced in tension with one another.
understandable choice of words. one shall go on. i love it
Brilliant observation. Loved the word use.
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