PDC (June 7th / Toronto)

The Snowman

Snow falls around me
The cold wind blows
I shiver
The moon is high in the night sky
The snow covers the footprints left behind
I am a shadow to the world
I stand still through the storm
I stare into the window of a cottage
I glance at the fire.
I can feel the warmth coming from inside
I dare not enter
The snow falls around me
It covers the world in a blanket of white
The stars light up the night sky
The world seems to be at peace
The snow covers all.
Nothing can escape it
My heart seems to freeze along with the rivers
I am nothing
The snow covers me
Yet I remain uncovered
.My arms stay raised
As if they wanted to catch every snowflake
My eyes stare into blackness
As if they were forever closed
The people in the cottage stare at me
Yet they do not invite me in
The animals eye my nose
As if it was something they wished to eat
I sit in the snow
I watch the world change from greens and browns to white
The children come and play with me.
They are bundled up
I stand naked before them
The snow chills them
Yet it does not affect me
The snow falls and will continue to do so
Until the day I die

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The simplicity of the snowman in the yard captured my attention, yet certain lines seemed to hint at something deeper...'The snow covers me, yet I remain uncovered' (hints at an effect not unlike what James Taylor does with the iceman)