The Soft Goodbye

And so we've reached the end
And we've begun the final march
We'll savor the final walk
We'll embrace the night
We'll let the stars be the guide

I'll look into each of your eyes
And I'll see myself reflecting in them
As much as I hope I'll be reflecting in all of your eyes

The wind is cold
Yet it doesn't bother us
As time is so short
We'll race against time for the memories to take hold
The memories we'll fight to hold

We'll stand side by side
During the soft goodbye
And fighting the urge of not wanting to cry

The soft goodbye is upon us
My friends, you'll always have my trust
You'll always be in my heart
I'll cherish the memories

We've reached the soft goodbye
And we'll embrace for the final time
Tears and smiles clash
But it's all just the same
We'll feel the pangs of sadness
Saying goodbye for the final time
But I believe we'll feel sublime
This time we share now
With each other
I pray will be frozen in time

by Justin Gildow

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