The Soldier Came Home Today

The sound of thunder liken to a drum,
a flag draped casket rested over the grave.
Lightning flashed but no one seemed to notice
as the speaker reminisced of the life he gave.

A gentle breeze began to stir the air,
it tugged the veil for the lady dressed in black.
The honor guard fired volley after volley
and the mournful sound of taps came drifting back.

The day is done, a fate we all will share,
it crossed their minds as the funeral flag was tended.
As the lady in black received the folded symbol
amisty rain and misty eyes were blended.

The chaplain raised his voice into the wind and rain,
he prayed the storm would go away.
And he prayed for peace and honored glory,
for the soldier that came home today.

by Melvin G. Cornwell

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