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The Soldier Lost

Allthough the tragedy, wars must be fought,
for this soldiers are prepared, trained, and thought.
They do their duty with honor and pride,
their belife is 'my buddie must survie'.

When the mission doesn't go as planed,
they try to adapt to the matter at hand.
When the situation still goes a rye,
It is very sad but a soldier might die.

This is an outcome that a soldier understands,
willfully giving his life without any demands.
His body to be baged and shiped home in a box,
while all of his buddies will still fight in Iraq.

All those whom he loved and left behind,
can now only see him in a casket of pine.
Do not feel pitty for the tears that they cry,
they are proud of the one that there lie.

So as you read this and enjoy your freedom and rights,
honor those who don't come home and those who still fight.

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