Poem Hunter
(1802-1838 / England)


Poem By Ershad Mazumder

There have been many roads in my life.
All lead to dead ends.
Filled with weeds and dead dreams.

Until one day I was sent to a place called the WHO-A.
I fought the process.
Until this bulldozer came through and created a path
Off road for me to walk through.

I then was able to see ahead a future.
I was able to deal with the pass.
I was told to stay in the present.
So I stayed focus on the ground in front of me.

With that, idea occurred to me,
Build your own road!

That is the day, the dreams I had, long ago thought dead.
Appeared in full color with life breathing from them.

I no longer looked for roads are paths built by others.
I started setting my own foundation for highways and byways for my self.

Once the tools were given to me, I dreamed of new dreams.

A recreated life was in the making.
I am heading home now, to build
A new structure for the family
I left behind long ago.

With hope and faith that his will, will guide me to new brighter life,

Made in HIS image, and not mine.

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