The Soldiers In Civil Dress

The Contribution Unable To Forget
To Protect The People He was all set
Never did he had any second Mind set
Protecting The Country was his Target
Well Being of his Country were all his eyes on
Never did he feared any Power
As he was that Equal
Sacrificing his lives for Country was all he concentrated
Well being of Country in the first Position
For that he sacrificed his pleasures
As Security of Country was his only treasure
A Salute to The Soldier Who makes sure all our country men are safe
But Let me ask a Queistion
What have We done to justify his sacrifice?
Unity is the correct solution
When you see a Criminal Activity Informing Police is your Right
A Secured Nation is our Responsibility
If we Unite Then Country's Security will be a Possibility.

by Rohan Bendre

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A great poem, like it, a great write.