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The Solitary Chair...
KM (does it matter? ? ? / India! ! !)

The Solitary Chair...

Poem By Kavita Mehra

I sit here in the corner all day by myself
Torn & miserable in a state of despair
Waiting for someone to join me sometime
I sit here alone... me... the solitary chair

I sometimes see shadows that come too close
shadows that cause just darkness around
I get scared and I try to run
But my feet don't help me coz I am completely bound.

Bound to the ground where I sit right now
Bound to the bonds that refuse to break
Bound to memories some happy some sad
and Bound to a world.. so completely fake.

Through a small crack, I see the world outside
and I see people who smile but who dont really care
I look at them pass by and smile to myself
Coz they someday will become the solitary chair.

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i enjoy the spirit wich this poem is written with, true and pure in every form lovely