DAH ( / Baltimore, Maryland)

I Miss You

As I sit here in the dark,
With nothing but you on my mind.
My heart bleeds,
My soul weeps in your absence.
These arms are lonely without you in them,
This bed too big and empty,
And this room - lifeless, dull and love less without you.

You've been gone for a short but it feels like a lifetime.
Missing you has taken away my light and happiness,
As I sit here in the dark.
The smile I worn everyday - gone,
The spring on my steps - faded,
And the confidence in me - taken.
I MISS YOU so much!

As I sit here in the dark,
Mind and soul crosses over to another dimension.
Motionless - the soul expresses itself,
The heart and pen scripts,
While the paper listens and bears it all,
The hand engraves what the soul feels.
I miss you...

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