Come To My Arms

The leaves have fallen
A mild breeze plays
under an oak tree I sit to see
Your memory of past days

The green soft grass is spread,
Flamboyant flowers bloom
Yet I long to be dead
I so wanted you as my groom

The sky is all clear and blue
Like a blanket covering me
While i sleep I dream of you
In nature's cradle I'm in glee

I remember we met here
Then it was fair love and bliss
So dearly you called me dear
Ah! how desperately i long for the past

We used to sing a merry song
In chorus with the songbird
I know not where it went wrong
My love was not heard

The songbird flew away
You went away
the breeze fades away
Trees never dance today

But now, enchanted by your memory
Everything has come to life
But yet i celebrate alone every ceremony
I live by your memory and fear of knife

The way you smiled
You shook my hand
All i have is a piece of paper
On which you wrote

The paper is my most prized possession
I shall go the grave with it in my pocket
Ignorant of my love you took the decision
I'm all woebegone amidst your blissful racket


I stare at your piece of paper
You scribbled for if i ever wanted to talk
My way seems damper
I'm blind and need you to help me walk

by vittal vandavasu

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Heart touching poem
Wonderful poem of wordsworth
I find this song very close to ami protidhoni suni by bhupen hazarika
solitary reaper is one of the poems by William Wordsworth which makes me remember of nature so I like this poem.
solitary reaper is one of the best poems in my best poems column. It always makes me remember of nature how it is beautiful.
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