The Solitary Soldier

All alone, I’ve to fight my struggle all alone,
I’ve come to terms with this bare truth at this long last.
I’m now hard and sturdy enough, rather desperate some times;
These days tirelessly I move on, towards the goal constant so much.
Now a days I’m always alert, belligerent and on war foot.

Now I need no friend and no foe,
Neither fan nor fiancée, no tear dropp hence,
I only go on…alone…all alone….

Those who gallop media coverage of war and its end,
or wait for results safely away….
are infact waiting for a ticket to Heaven some fine day.
I am not a bothering for them, I know.
After all why should I be?
Surpassing an ordeal this long, I’m sure….
I was born a solitary soldier all along.
Sheer experience has taught me
that those awaiting the victory clap,
or a staircase upwards are none to me,
neither friend nor foe….nobody of mine.

I can feel very well…
I’m not touched by the boon or bane they have for me.
On the contrary, overwhelming their
chaotic cacophony and endless idiotism,
My preparedness remains on war footing as always.
And this way I have to fight my battle…alone…all alone
I’ve realized this real hard truth after these many long days.
Translation by Bikash Roy


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