EA (4th April 1983 / U.K.)

The Somebody Poem

The divine right we seem to think we have
of calling someone mine,
is NOT something we have.
Nobody belongs to anybody,
and anybody who thinks a certain someone belongs to them
is wrong,
that somebody belongs to themseleves and themselves only.
A somebody can choose to spend their life with another somebody
but will never belong to any somebody, just themseleves.

Sharing my life with me is a certain somebody,
he doesn't belong to me nor do i want him to.
He chooses to be an equal partner and to spend his life with me.
I dont make that somebody, somebody, he makes himself
just like he doesn't make me somebody,
I do that all by myself.

Nobody will ever belong to us,
but to spend time to love and appreciate somebody
can give that somebody reason to believe they are somebody special to you and not just anybody.

We should never think somebody belongs to us
its not fair and not right,
just enjoy spending time with that special somebody
especially if that somebody wants to hold you tight.

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A brilliant way of saying every one is unique and has to face this world as an individual firstly. Loved the take on this one.