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The Son Of The Serpent

After when God created the whole universe
And had beautify the earth
Before He made the first man
And gave it name Adam
And the woman Eve
He had let His angel
The fallen devil
Whom had Him betrayed
Live on earth

For He was forgiving
And He wants the one who owns evil
He shared His love
And he there spent
The place separated
From heaven or purgatory

On the seventh day God rested
His creation was finished
The evil owns his power still
God has not taken it
But God was so good
He acknowledge Satan
To the first beings
'Thou must not eat the fruit forbidden
For it gives the knowledge'

Satan transformed to a serpent
He had made a plan
He sprinkled a poison rain to the fruits
And the tree that was innocent
Was now holding the flavor
Of hatred, sadness
Jealousy, violence
All these and other unknown feelings
Satan had experienced
Submerged even to the seas
When he found Eve
God let him
His chance
God disappeared
And showed none his prescence

So the first snake
Created all other snakes
And also gave them poison
That could kill a person
'Take this fruit, Eve
You will discover
That there is more than this.'

The woman was tempted
The flowers of the tree
Emitted fumes
And it is telling her
To bite this fruit
It was delicious
She tasted
After eating
The serpent transformed to a man
He was naked like Eve

He cast unto the fruits
An enchantment
She felt desire
Upon seeing this man
She felt aroused
After seeing this sun

He approached her
And leaned over her body
And he kissed her
He slid his palms down
On her back
And grasped her curve
He entered her crown
And they both lie down

Adam had seen them
To his self he was asking
What are they doing?
He ran away

After the affair
Satan picked a fruit another
'Share this to Adam
So he will feel this kind of heat
As you haad felt on me.'
And Eve took it
She ran to him
'Eat this
You will discover
That you are a master.'

Adam took it
He made a bite
'What we are doing? '
He complained
But he had tasted
He threw the fruit away
To them then God appeared

'Why have you broke my command? '
God became angry
He sent them away
Eden became an unfertile land
The soil was mixed with sand
The sun scorched the earth
Where is the devil?
They felt hunger
'What have we done? '
Passed the days

Eve born Cain and Abel
Cain killed his brother
Cain was the serpent's son
His action showed
He commited murder
But God was wise
He let him discover
Apart fron the darkest truth
There is light
That can save him
And it is God.

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