The Song

Poem By Aaron Lynn

One bleak night,
In a candlelit room,
I began to compose a new song.
A composition of terror, of witches, of darkness,
Of horrors that made my skin crawl.

Three notes of chaos
That could frighten the strongest
Like cold fingers scratching at your spine.
I thought this would strike fear of God into heathens
And save them from evil's thick binds.

But as I perform this new song to these masses,
Terror I just could not see
But rather a large horde of passionate faces
That reveled in my notes of three.

Something was certainly stirring within me,
A quintessence so pure and sincere.
In the process of trying to battle a monster
I fell in love with the thing I once feared.

Now on this bleak night,
In a candlelit room
I compose more anthems of doom
The best choice I've made in this lifetime
Was exploring that unopened tomb,
That mysterious side of the moon,
That vastness that in darkness blooms.

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