Thrown For A Ride

don't take your hatred out on me
don't say i'm not acting like i'm supposed to be
don't throw this shit in my face
you threw me for a ride
completely completely insanely
i'm begging
i don't think you get it
'cause i get mad
when i see you eye her down
it cuts to the core
when she comes by you open the door
i don't get the fascination
when you're standing here
with me
ever think that maybe
you're getting mad at the wrong person?
ever think that maybe
you're not always a saint
and oooh that one percent bullshit
do i need this?
do i need it again?
again, again
when i see you give her a hand
it feeds on my nerves
when you bend backwards for her
while stepping on my back
i want to castrate you
don't act like i haven't a leg to stand on
if it was revered it would frustrate you!
if i acted like that,
if i had no regard for you

by Lindsay King

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