In The Mirror You Cannot Hide

You're nothing short of infectious
You're an incurable disease
You walk around like you're weightless
But you're nothing that you seem
You wear silk and lace like armor
The make up you apply is a mask of gold
People bow to their knees to please you
They are your paper dolls to fold
The pedestal they place you on
Magnifies your synthetic plastic perfection
The public may eat up your facade
But you can't lie to your own reflection
You bat those beautiful blue eyes of yours
Like waves in an ocean of glittering perfection
You smile like a heart attack
You are the cure as well as the infection
Your body is like cancer
Kisses from you set a man to self destruct
Every hand you play with is loaded
Your beauty doubles itself as luck
Pretty girl you make them wonder
How something so flawless could exist
How skin so China white could keep from breaking
Or how you keep the candy red color infinitely stained to your lips
The world is your red carpet
Your cosmetics do well to cover your decay
Behind the scenes your pearls are really a noose
And the diamonds are masquerading blades
The person you present is never you
Your looks tell not of who you are inside
Of course you are a quite convincing fake
But alone In The Mirror You Cannot Hide

by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

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