Minister's Wife

M-inister's wife was born
I-n March first early light;
M-orning sun Wednesday
I-s setting things aright.

F-rom dawn till evening,
A-n ecstasy fills her birth;
C-rimson has brought brightness,
U-sing a million mirth.
N-o matter what may come,
D-evoted throughout her life;
O-ne thing is truly certain, she remains a minister's wife.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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I graduated from Sidney Lanier HS in Montgomery, Al. In 1956. In my freshman English class, our first assignment was to memorize. The Song of the Chattahoocee. I've always loved the poem and through 60 years could recite the first paragraph.
Otomatapoeia, Life's journey, Possibly my favorite poem, a treasured one to be sure.