UNM (Day's of The Past, Present, Future. / Southern United States)

The Song Of Unoticed Unknown (Revisted)

Unto you For you

It is that I know
do you now hear
The heart
of your soul
still beats.

The pain you so do wish
is now nearly gone.

With the wind it's whispering
breeze for thee.

For none wish to devour you
you have found your
new path.

All my life they
have so noticed
it is just enough unto
me there pain
have I taken in
so much?

None will devour
that I do so make

Take all the pain away
out your hand
please pray tell.

I can not stop my hand
from keeping it out
for the weary
at heart.

Empowered by thee
to help all the others
reaching out to ease
there pain.

Liken to you
no other
to empower you
the meaning
so brought
to life and light.

It seems to ease
my mind.

Love is never dead
so long as there's
to know you brought
to us such meaning.

Life none dare
or may so speak
of such passage or
right to my life
none can run
ever from light.

I am now alive to love
for unto you I have
spoken of not.

I ask you but these few things
for when you can stay forever
lest all you have
run spoken come to nought
for when we
run from all the pain
it still wont fade as all
say or have
been tought.

Can only be learned
from age.

The memories of
tree's shall not be forsaken
for I can not stay forever
but that bark that we shed
when eyes do all fade.

Run away from bad memories
for even unto 'GOD' His shield
must we wear.

Seems to fade.

Run to where?

For as all do grow old
for your protection
there is no darkness
all hold dear.

So guide us as you may
run to where for all the time
that it may so take.

You will not need a shield
to survive
for such as yours is
the meaning of life.

Run away and let your memories
so fade.

Please as you sit upon the 'THRONE'

Just guide us with your living grace
as long as you so will.

For you are now
the meaning of life
for you are theirs.

You are here to protect
all and guide all
so you shall as long
all live.

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