Joint Laughter

We laugh at the same funny things,
Our quick sense of humour just springs
From being together,
Whatever the weather,
It's wonderful what such laughter brings.

We can each see the funny side, that's true,
But of course we can sometimes be blue,
But if one of us is down,
Then the others a clown
Enticing a smile to break through.

Sometimes, when we're both very tired,
And we feel that we're electrically wired,
Something just makes us smile,
And after a while,
We can laugh, which is just what's required.

I won't say there's not sadness in life,
But try looking beyond all the strife,
We keep smiling along,
Till the sadness has gone,
That's the delight of being 'husband and wife'.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (8)

Filled with love, nature and beauty. Real poetry.
Complicated by Meav's version, true, and grammar or mis-spellings aside, this is still a truly wonderful poem in my opinion. While reading it I got the sense of an older Yeats, or any man, doing whatever he does to occupy his time in his golden years, here catching and preparing a trout - and from no where, in the calm of his serenity comes a young, beautiful girl, perhaps a long lost love, who calls his name toyishly and runs away, leaving him in a heart felt, loving chase.... When I die, when my Creator calls me from this earth and brings me into his arms, I truly hope that it will be in such a manner as Yeats so perfectly describes here....
You can search for Glimmering Girl Meav if you like, Meav is an Irish singer, and this song's lyric is The Song of Wandering Aengus.
This is perhaps my favourite poem, but after reading all of his other verse I am not sure he has written it! ? At least not in his usual mind
My favorite poem of all time. Which is why I'm disappointed, but not surprised, that there are several problems with this poem as presented on PH. First, 'Through hollow lads and hilly lands.' should be 'Through hollow lands and hilly lands.' Second, I believe this poem should be separated into three stanzas.
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