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The Song Of Youth
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The Song Of Youth

Your eyes were the petals of marigolds
And lips the buds of roses; .
Your long tresses were the dark clouds
I longed to die for your sly gazes.

The birds wilted their heads, spellbound
For the magic you had spun.
Their eyes sparkled with joy
As you stepped into the morning Sun.

Drops of water that hung onto your curls
Shone like stars in winter sky.
The eyelashes danced against the wind
Like winged butterflies supposed to fly.

The grasses drooped to kiss the feet
That treaded the path, drenched with dews
Afresh with soft cool breeze
The flowers reflected innumerable hues.

Hiding in the cote of a swaying frond
The squarrel rubbed his paws
Wary to remove from her limbering feet
The little bit of smudge.

Comely lasses in the village?
Of them there is no dearth;
But looking at you the farmers murmured
“Can such beauty ever exist in the Earth? ”

I waited on the rock by the brook
To have a glimpse of her;
The God did not have heart for me
He left me unfortunate forever.

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Comments (3)

Lovely words always wins Hearts...Very Nice
well composed poem...i like the analogies you have drawn between nature and the beauty of the woman. Refreshing!
I am fortunate in reading your poem. nice verses. clearly stated poetics and are mind boggling...thanks for making me to read this...