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The Song That Was Never Sung

Everyday is no sunny day
My tears fall like rain
Everyday is a crying day
My heart cries to teh pain

My boy has got a new girl
One after another
And he calls me by their names
Each time we make love

It's just too much to take it
I can't just seem to bear it
But I've got to face it
Because I love him so

But I wish he'd change
And love me like I do
And there would be enough sunshine
To dry my tears away

So yes, I've got to bear it
And calls it just a passing game
I may win or lose him
And I can laugh at last...

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its a nice poem but i felt sad reading it because it must be a hard situation to be put in, its very hard to love someone and be hurt by him but one finds him self in a point where he asks him self pride or love i would go with pride :) nice poem