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The Song Unsung
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The Song Unsung

Poem By Abdul Wahab

So many people have sung so many songs
On and from earth to heaven
but they have not sung me
I am the song

Though I have the best beat
I move with a great rhythm
Yet I have not been put on music

The reason I know not
Nor I want to know
As it could be anything
But I am sure that it is not their ability
Neither the quality which I carry

If any one sings me
Instantly he or she will be
On the cloud nine
As I am the song
None has ever touched me
Purely unsung

Oh singers of the world
If you sing me
I shall make your fame spread so wide
That your name can not hold
As I am the song unique
And totally unsung.

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Comments (57)

Oh man, this is so true...... how I wish all of can be sung
Extremely true! This is what a budding poet feels for his poems! Thank You
A meaningful write, expressive and reflective.
Song unsung is a lovely poem! I guess only Adam could have claimed to have sung a song that was unsung before...Songs of love and beauty are universal. they were always there and will always stay...
It's a pretty poem. I felt it. Good luck.
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