DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

The Sorrow Of A Fella

I met this boy, the other night
Along the river, oh, what I sorry sight
I met this boy who felt so old
He traveled alone

This boy told his story of why,

He left his home a story
Filled with guilt but also
Full of eternal woe

He left his home,

To lift the stress off those he would hold
He said to me he would survive,
Somehow & deserves to be alone

In his eyes you could see the whys
Finding no answers from his woes
Taking pills lowers the hills
As he tries to find his new home

Here we go he says to me
As the woes come rolling home
I have to go he said to me,
As he turned
I could see his heart bleed

A few days later, he killed himself
I guess to end the woe
A letter he left to tell of why
Was full of remorse and glowed

He pleaeded forgivness, and told
Of his hero & how he watched him go,
Said he had no choice, his throat
Was soar from screaming his
Soundless voice

He said to my love p.s,
Im in the sky tonight
Watching the world & guiding your life
Protecting you all from my fallen plight

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