The Sorrows Of Satan

(Your heart, hell of crushed stars, darklit
Bounded by serrated chains of pride
You exalt in eternal sorrows
Laden with ageless grief
Man still shall be
Hidden in the Eternal Spring...)

Within these hills I sprung
But they bound me not
Bitter like the earth herself
I hear the childhood tears
And I live in my tread
I am the weed of the fallow land
The germ of molted leaves
I am the canine of the lion
That snaps his brothers
The joke of the hyena
I make spoil of your till
Woe to the seeds of the earth
The lightening caught in the clouds amidst a legend
I see the soot sack clothed the sun
And I exalt in the veins of my destiny
When the trees are bare of leaves
I am the fang in your bark
The woes from the far seas
I shall straddle the mountains
And weave a shroud of vultures
Their wealth shall fill the marrow of my dreams
Like the mystery of tongues I am
I shall steal the yellow yams from your barn
And lay waste your fields
Your dust your seeds shall eat.
The sun scorched me
Dark I am
I who knew no blemish
From whence I came
Like a broken eagle of brimstone
The wheel spins to the focus
I feel the sulfur brim in my soul
Don’t rejoice yet
Because I mourn in my songs
Your destiny smells tasty in my flared nostrils
I see it like night dew on the grass
I dare the sky
Juices of the fruits of the earth
My joy shall be the gall in your hidden soul
The altered veins in the palm
For my pigments are the colours of your
Sorrows of immortality
All roads lead to the grave
I am the strive of strives
The strive of sinews
The bitter corn seed among the birds
I know you know my dreams are a mirage
But still I blind you with night in the day
How foolish you are
You seek the sheen on tree leaves
When the star's distance is a mirage of my spoil
I have no blame, I am blameless
The birds come to the corn.
From the opaque den I dwell
I exalt like the crickets
When I hear the pants of the tired earth
I shall be the smell of blooming flowers
Wafting through, knocking on the door
The wine of moon-flowers
Glowing like diamonds in your eyes
And I shall lay waste your home with your staggers
See me I am branded
A dark speck in a silvery sky
But I shall push the dart deeper in your eyes
Your grateful lips shall twist in a smile
And your soul shall groan under the pall
My hand is the same
From the fires you shape the rod
And time becomes my accomplice
And bears my glittering stars.
king of the dust you tread
Heels are preys of the woeful Words
But I shall bleed the heart
I was the lily of mothers
The envy of all petals
And I drew to these hills
To blossom my puffed heart
Thorn of the fleshy cave
Cold fang in the bosom
I shall falter not
Tears shall shape the dust of my serrated heart
The wind is my web
Within, the diamond eye of the adder
The childhood toy of the earth
I shall multiply the dust thereof
I smell your fears in the shadows of my laughter
And I spin on the mound
I am the riddle of the stormy heart
The cloud of the hazy eyes
I shall falter not
Till time births me my destiny.

by iziegbe idemudia

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