The Soul

where does the soul really go to
does it perch on the tree like a bat
or fly mightily like the giant eagle
or does it roam the empty Street
like a hopeless vagrant

does it carry worldly pain or joy
tears, laughter or happiness
can it be said to be a empty
bottomless pit, monstrous, vague
mysterious, and enchanting?

or does it just stay around awhile
to possess the trees in the forest?
turn to fruits and drop at will
to be feasted upon by birds
and anything living around?

where does my soul go to after am gone?
is it divided into two parts or one?
the good part and the bad part
the beautiful and ugly part,
what a noble and shameful brat

can it be found beside the one i love?
or does it hover around them
to protect them when in danger
or remember me in times of joy
or vilify me in painful memories

or will it just float away like debris on an ocean without trace?
or evaporates into the sky to bring rain?
and pour shower of kindness on
the beautiful ones I left behind?

or will it be trapped in everlasting torment?
I need to know what happens to my soul

by tauhid alausa

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