My Knight And Shining Armor

You were my sweetheart, my dear, my knight and shining armor
You were suppose to shield me from the hurt
And protect me with all your power
But now i'm confused
I don't know what to do
Because if i make one mistake
It could bring down the whole tower

Should i believe my prince
Or the wicked witch from the west
She is more believable
Should i put our love to the test? ? ?

But i don; t know what to say
I try to believe you
But i don't know why
Every conclusion ends up with tears from my eyes

You told me first
But does that count for anything
Will you be my sweetheart, my dear, my knight and shining armor again

Every sweet song reminds me of your smile
But there are some that makes me cry all the while
You're the sweetest song in my head
The sweetest candy to my tongue
The sparkliest lip gloss to my lips
And the prettiest shade of polish to my finger tips

But after all that we've been through
That one thought remains in my mind
I make you sound like the sweetest person as can be

But now i'm scared
Scared for you and me

What you say is different from her
But i don't know what to believe
I just can't be sure

But as life goes on
I hope we'll see it through
And that picture will remain in my heart
What i see of me and you

by khirishka albury

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