The Soul Within

On a hunt, seeking the soul
Looking for the real me

Sometimes I feel
A numb spirit, secluded soul and a diluted heart
Totally petrified and bemused
Whitewashed by the serendipity
I look for a bonfire in the murkiness
A ray to wipe out gloom
An oasis in the desert
A drizzle in my desiccated life

The season does change sometimes
I feel revived, with new foliages
Appearing in the garden of life
A tiny dropp does confiscate the parched ness
With new enthusiasm and anticipation
I do look forward
The haze wanes slowly
Life becomes somewhat explicable
It becomes a pleasurable journey

How could the soul be so rickety?
Changing forms so promptly
Making me comeback to the point
Where I started
The hunt begins again
And it does not end
Not willing to divulge
Its identity to me
The greatest of all enigmas
That I have ever seen
But I don't give up
My exploration continues...

by Kavitha Krishnamurthy

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Nice thought. You might consider taking out two of those three repeated 'life/my life'?