The Soulmate Is A Contradiction

Poem By Amanda Elizabeth Sanchez

Infinite days the mind believes a soulmate adores your perfect fit, the embers to light your fire.
Infinite the desire.
Embrace the fact, truth in matter, just this; a soulmate is your only reflection. The one that peers back through the mist, illuminating exactly yourself without holding anything back.
Embrace that fact.
Like the rising sun, He performs all wonders. The sunshine that will change your life, shining truth that separates the Earth & Sky.
Rising beauty, glorify.
Truth be told, your soulmate rides the tide past the shore leaving your skin raw. Washing away imperfections, revealing emptiness.
The simple truth at best.
Tensions from within anguish, because we can't shake the ground. Your soulmate will break the walls, tear you down to bare insecurity.
Feel the tension, only He can turn.
Too much conflict! Looking straight through you, glaring at your expectations. Your soulmate will be the one to push you, challenge you, defeat and victory.
The conflict, repeated history.
In and out, around. What's the pure purpose of your soulmate? In love, for lust, what's tangible? Defined as the perfect match, your best enemy. His love, effects your emotional connection, stability.
The purpose, His ability.
He enables distraught, discomfort, diffuses your ego. Yet simplifies obstacles, but demands attention to your addictions, struggles, troubles.
Enables us to be humble.
Let He who offers the highest, draw upon your desperation and dependence. I think your soulmate whoever that honestly is, transforms your life in the eyes that view the reflection. Accepting the secondary role.
Offering to let go of control.
Your soulmate stands perpendicular, scrutinizing the direct mirror image. The only one who shares the spiritual light between the sun & moon. Revealing the solitude we all long for, where true love never let's you down.
Standing between the dawn.
Remembrance, the soulmate is the only one who doesn't take the easy route.


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