The Sound From Far End

Waving through the air some sounds
Are coming having different pitch.
Out of which one is touching my feelings firmly
Just like the sand & life in the beach.

Kissing the top the growing parts of the crop
It’s coming to describe the end part of his life.

Who knows, what’s the root cause?

Perhaps.....something secret part of his life
He might to say good his wife.

I stepped forward ………………………….

By the mean time sun was felling sleepy.
Bats & owls were preparing for the battle.
Dogs were trying to say something.
But as I was apprehensive to discover him, I move
Without having a full stop though all are putting so many commas.
By a shuttle I crossed the rest which was really interesting.

I saw in front of a cot, something was there like an inverted pot.
One bend stick was inclined by an angle 30degree
To support the cot or the pot I don’t know.
I inspect carefully by setting my ears in all direction.
I saw dusts were rising up while the sound was coming from the pot.

I stepped forward towards the pot.
When I put my hand on its back it’s turn his head.
I shocked as it was not a pot, but al old man
Trying to sit on the bed.

His eyes were looking for rest.
In depth of the ocean or far away from the stars which will be the best.

Perhaps his eyes were trying to say something.
But it’s closed for ever without expressing anything.




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