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The Sound Of Music
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The Sound Of Music

Poem By Geraldine K. Orner

In all our lives Music plays - such an important part; It touches our emotions - brings feeling to our heart. Rockabye Baby; Row Row Row Your Boat; Happy Birthday to You; Even as Children - Music rocks n' rolls our cradles - it's true. Whether it's the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra, Handel or Bach; Music is the primary key - which opens our emotional lock. Per University research - hear Mozart's symphonies when you study for a test; Students who learn to do this - will always score the best! Deaf in his late 20's - emotionally inspired; Beethoven could only feel how his Music sounded; But when audiences listen to his extraordinary works - they become astounded! On your dentist's chair, when you hum; driving in your car; embracing your beloved or dancing at a Ball; To relax; get excited; bring love and enjoyment to your life - Music is the Most Significant Source of All!!!

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