*_-~~ Imagine ~~-_*

Imagine ~
Being all alone, with no one there to call
your own. No one around to comfort you
if you were down and feeling blue.

Imagine ~
The moonlight softly shimmering down
and one silhouette there only to be found.
No one to hear your sighs. A pillow only
to dry those pretty eyes.

Imagine ~
The stars shining so bright above and no
one to share a gentle kiss no one there for
you to love. But, I will be there always for
you.To see that this does not come true.

Imagine ~
Only you and me and all of the love I shall
bring to thee. How wonderful 'twill be to see.
In the soft glow of moonlight shimmering down.
Our '' two silhouettes together '' always there
forever to be found.....



by Thad Wilk

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