The Sounds I Miss

Poem By chantel weston

the sound
of crickets
bursting through
the thick vail of the night
in to the thin crystal air.
the sound
of wings
gentely pushing
through the fog that
smoothers the ground.
the sound
of nearly silent foot steps
coming closer still
to my window sill.
the sound
of a moths wings
gentely taping
trying to make my window
a door to warmth.
the sound
of a knock on frozen glass
trying to let
its self be heard by only one.
the sound
of a heart opening
to the frozen pains
of a glass taped plea.
the sound
of his voice wispering the first hope
that the heart had heard in some time.
the sound
of his voice
crushing all that hearts demons
with the promise it had longed for.
the sound
of that heart
beating again
for the first time in a while.
the sound
of happiness
of bliss
these are the sounds i miss.
the sounds
that he enabled me
to hear for the brefest
of seconds.

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