The Sounds Of Nature

The Sounds Of Nature
O, tis so sweet.
Who am I
That would dare try to repeat
The lovliness of a tweet.
The flutter of its wings
The tiny cute prints
Of a little birds feet.

The Sounds of Nature
O, how beautiful yet afar.
Are raindrops against the windshield
Of a still parked car.
Each little drip dropp runs
Caressing the mind so intensely
Seemingly just to play a part
Or perhaps for the fun of it.

O, The Sounds Of Nature
Sometimes deeply doth groan.
When by an unwillingly nature
One's heart decides to roam.
How lovely is a weep
Who does understand the moan.
When its all part of nature
But who wants to be left alone.

by Cecelia Weir

Comments (5)

The sounds of nature o, how beautiful yet afar so nice explanation.
I don't like this poem this is very ghatiya poem
Its a beautiful beautiful poem.......Thanks for this poem
Loved it good poem and deep. Read mine - Spring - Adeline
This is beautiful poetry.Liked it.