The Sounds That Don'T Belong Here

The Sounds that don't belong here
Warning signs of running over and backing up
Doing it all over....again

Progress to some
Destruction to all that really matters
Underneath... while sun kissed from afar

Bubbling...or is it angry...the blood of the land
Like mosquitoes sticking our swords into the beast
Mother....the land that feeds us...We will drain you

Without knowing the limits we continue
Egostistical Beings..unforseeing..the future

Plotting the holes...Plugging dried up wounds
Thinking we can mask with our own conscience

Small can hide...take what it owns
Whereever it goes on the move
For WE
We are Coming

by Atsar MusePen

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I really enjoyed this work, especially the lines ' Without knowing the limits we continue, Egotistical Beings un forseeing the future.' had a strong impact on me. Very nicely done. Very true also.
The Mother we all share...and those that abuse her and those who run from us
Very amazeing, It's messege is clear. Am i wrong or is it about Earth? Ray-