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HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)


It's Hell for us to draw the fetters
Of life in alienation, stiff.
All people prefer to share gladness,
And nobody - to share grief.

As a king of air, I'm lone here,
The pain lives in my heart, so grim,
And I can see that, to the fear
Of fate, years pass me by like dreams;

And comes again with, touched by gold,
The same dream, gloomy one and old.
I see a coffin, black and sole,
It waits: why to detain the world?

There will be not a sad reflection,
There will be (I am betting on)
Much more gaily celebration
When I am dead, than - born.

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Comments (4)

Dear Hugh, Your scientific acumen is evident here. Poetics meets noetics in harmonious unison. Thoroughly engaging, Hugh from the capa to the coda. Definitely right on my trajectory. You've carried out the mission with laser precision. Scintillating. A magnitudinal 10 for this red giant. Astronomically, Gregory
I like this work because I believe that we are merely a spark of energy that goes on forever even after the bodies give out and inhabits another in time or even another universe. Laugh if you will, but why would the spark die out? Why would the universe not use its resources wisely and reuse these sparks. Interesting look at the knowledge not consciously recognized between our thoughts Rita
Deep spiritual insight, well-written!
So many thoughts in our lives are used for reasons the environment demands. I believe there is much to be discovered, appreciated, and recognized in the space between thoughts Hugh...and the moments of seeing oneself in a new light nessesary for the self-actualization process. A very clever poem. Angie