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The Space Between Your Eyes...
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

The Space Between Your Eyes...

It is like that silence between two
acts of a play
when the curtain falls
and it is dark…
there is expectancy in those
loaded anticipation and an
audible sigh when the
curtain lifts and there is
light and colour and sound

When life feels dark and heavy
I think upon that space -
where silence reigns
where expectancy beats,
and my heart stops…
I do not breathe,
I anticipate the light
and the colour
and the love I find in the applause
on either side
of that space between your eyes

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Comments (5)

what a powerful poem - power in the supreme silence of the human heart that stops beating, breathing stops too and colours and light can fill that space where the human person finds refuge in herself. I'll read this again and again to get to understand all it says - did I say 'all'? No, i meant 'much' of what it says
I love this idea...we are but players to amuse those we desire...beautiful work
Very beautiful, moving, emotional. Yuri Nieman at her best!
Very beautiful. I wish to read more of you. Best wishes
Beautiful write Yuri and beautiflly said 10 Chris. You romantic you