The Sunset Of Romanticism

How beautiful a new sun is when it rises,
flashing out its greeting, like an explosion!
- Happy, whoever hails with sweet emotion
its descent, nobler than a dream, to our eyes!
I remember! I’ve seen all, flower, furrow, fountain,
swoon beneath its look, like a throbbing heart…
- Let’s run quickly, it’s late, towards the horizon,
to catch at least one slanting ray as it departs!
But I pursue the vanishing God in vain:
irresistible Night establishes its sway,
full of shudders, black, dismal, cold:
an odour of the tomb floats in the shadow,
at the swamp’s edge, feet faltering I go,
bruising damp slugs, and unexpected toads.

by Charles Baudelaire

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Robert Leslie was a student of Victor Frankl in Vienna. His book from. that experience is: Jesus and Logotherapy. (Abingdon) Dr. Leslie shared one day with us in class a session he had witnessed where Frankl had sacrificed his dignity to make a great therapeutic interdiction. Olds celebrates this same power in poetic form. Could it not at least be possible that this is the great power of the cross? The hitch is that we must free ourselves from bourgeois convention to even begin to apprehend such an act be it from Olds's therapist or from a Victor Frankl. Bill Grace in Texas
Poet tells such beautiful stories with her poetry.
Fine celebration of a great isolation being broken.