The Spark Of Love

With a single smile she captivates my soul...
I stand and stare as if beyond control.
As if all time stood still,
And I had lost my will,
And to kiss her lips was now my only goal.
Statuesque in wonder here I stand,
Longing to advance and hold her hand.
My feet are locked in place,
As I gaze on her face,
Because the Spark of Love has just been fanned-
A silent inward sigh aches in my heart-
And yet I know that this is just the start!
The incantation done,
The pining has begun...
And who can say if this will soon depart?
What words are worthy now for me to speak?
And yet I feel so helpless and so weak.
Oh, God, give me the strength
That I may speak at length...
For she may be 'The One True Love' I seek....

by Denis Martindale

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