The Speckled Sparrow

Soar higher and higher, you child of heavenly bliss!
Forsake one level for the loftier with a yodeled hiss,
Slice the crisp obliging air like a laser-driven drone
For your speckled wings have no mediocrity known.

Do not let your wee little weight hinder your rise
To the silvery heavens where your destiny lies;
Closer heights may tempt with their easy lure
But it’s the untrodden skies that entail your tour.

Lesser fowls will envy your ambitious voyages
But you should remember that Nature’s triages
Bestowed upon you many and gave them few,
And therefore more shall be demanded of you.

by Hannington Mumo

Comments (2)

Words of encouragement to the sparrow, but done in such a delightful manner. What a pleasure to read!
Bestowed upon you many and gave them few, this is very amazing sharing here...10-